4th March 2020
' Nominations open '
1st May 2020
' Nominations close '
15th June 2020
' Shortlist announced '
1st July 2020
' Awards ceremony '

Dr Emily Symington, Croydon CCG



Dr Emily Symington has led the development and implementation of group consultations in Croydon, attracting national attention. Group consultations are designed to encourage better self-care and embed shared decision making between clinician and patient. They gather around 10-15 patients who have a similar condition or set of clinical problems. All patients are briefed about the format of the session, what to expect from it and have signed a statement of confidentiality, meaning they are bound to not reveal anything they have heard about any of their fellow participants outside of the session. 80% of patients who attended group consultations reported being more able to cope and keep themselves healthy. 85% of attendees would recommend group consultations to friends and family.

Nominated by: Chris Philp MP