Announcement: NHS Parliamentary Awards 2020 postponed

We must regrettably announce that due to the COVID-19 and the need for NHS staff to give this their full attention, we have decided to postpone the NHS Parliamentary Awards due to take place on 10th July 2020 in the House of Commons.

If your MP has already submitted a nomination for the awards, this will still be considered when the awards take place. MPs will also be able to submit new nominations or make any necessary changes to their current nomination(s) as the nomination platform will remain open during this time.

As soon as we are able to confirm a new date and deadline for submissions for the awards, we will share that with you.

Shortlist for the NHS70 Parliamentary Awards 2018

40 incredibly inspiring teams and individuals were chosen by our panel of regional shortlisting teams, who selected one nominee per category for their region – North, South, Midlands and East and London. A winner for each category was announced at the awards ceremony, on Wednesday 4th July 2018 in the House of Commons.


The Excellence in Mental Health Care Award, sponsored by Wesleyan

North - Zero Suicide Alliance at the Centre for Perfect Care in Merseyside

The Zero Suicide Alliance is a collaborative of National Health Trusts, businesses and individuals. They are committed to supporting those contemplating suicide by raising awareness of the problem and promoting FREE online suicide prevention training, which is accessible to all. The training aims to enable people to identify those presenting with suicidal thoughts and behaviour, to give them the skills to speak out in a supportive manner and empower them to signpost the individual to the correct services or support.


South - Dorset Armed Forces Community Health and Wellbeing Project at Dorset HealthCare University NHS Foundation Trust

The Armed Forces Community Health and Wellbeing team led by Andy Gritt aims to reduce health inequalities for veterans and families of both retired and serving personnel. Working with local partners as well as veterans themselves they have co-produced and implemented a veterans’ care pathway. In their first year they assessed 55 people through their Wellbeing Gateway and demand continues to be high. Outcomes include improved access to physical and mental health services and support in preparing for employment.


Midlands and East - Diabetes and Mental Health Teams at West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust

By working together, the West Herts Hospitals’ Diabetes Team and Hertfordshire Partnership Mental Health Team (HPFT) have improved diabetes care for people coping with mental health (MH) conditions. We have achieved improved access to diabetes care and advice for patients with MH conditions, co-localisation of diabetes and MH professionals for high-risk groups, cross-sector training for diabetes and MH (including carers), multi-disciplinary meetings to agree patient care plans, new guidelines for local MH services and combined MH and diabetes community outreach.


London - Saeed Khalilirad, Specialist Cognitive Behavioural Therapist at West London Mental Health NHS Trust    

Saeed Khalilirad is a Specialist Cognitive Behavioural Therapist at Back on Track Hammersmith and Fulham IAPT. Saeed was put forward by Andy Slaughter, Hammersmith MP, for promoting mental health awareness in hard to reach communities. Since 2015, Saeed has been giving mental health workshops to members of the Iranian Association of London. Out of 200 people surveyed, 80% felt less stress, less anxiety, less isolated and had gained new knowledge after attending his workshops.


The Excellence in Cancer Care Award

North - York Against Cancer and York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

York Against Cancer is a small, local charity that has been funding cancer care, research and education in York and surrounding areas for more than 30 years. It worked in partnership with the York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust to create Yorkshire’s first mobile chemotherapy unit, which brings treatment closer to home for people in outlying areas while ensuring capacity and enhancing the patient experience in the trust’s main hospital units.


South - Sian Dennison, Lead Cancer Nurse at Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust

Sian has been a cancer nurse for over 30 years and has been nominated for her positive, caring approach and enabling a progressive culture within her team. She currently works as Head of Nursing for Cancer /End of Life and Trust Cancer Manager in University Hospitals Plymouth. Achievements include implementing survivorship projects, establishment of patient cancer groups, refurbishment of end of life rooms, development of cancer training roles and education to support train and succession plan for the future.


Midlands and East - Inspire Health Team - Sarah Minns & Jyoti Shah at Burton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

The Inspire Health Team have set up an innovative and unprecedented community based accessible clinic with the aim of raising awareness of and detecting men with the most common male cancer – prostate cancer. By working beyond the walls of the hospital in our own time, we are breaking down barriers associated with men’s health and reducing long-standing inequalities in cancer care.


London - Community Children's Nursing Team at Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust

The Community Children’s Nursing Team (CCNT) were nominated for the work they do caring for children in diverse community settings in Lewisham. The team give holistic care to the child, family and extended family, ensuring adequate support to enable family life to continue despite a cancer diagnosis. This innovative team work with deprived families facing many challenges and build excellent relationships.  They are totally committed to individualised symptom management and end of life care, supporting families all year round.


The Excellence in Urgent and Emergency Care Award

North - Alliance - Integrated Urgent Care Services at North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust

North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation trust formed an alliance with the local GP federation and North-East Ambulance Service to provide a new integrated urgent care service across North Tees and Hartlepool. The service is GP led urgent care, available 24/7, including GP out of hours services and minor injuries. By closely integrating the work of A&E and the minor injuries unit, a triaging process was introduced to assess the patient on arrival and ensure they are treated in the right setting. This has improved patient flow and patient waiting times considerably.


South - HomeFirst Team at Royal United Hospitals Bath NHS Foundation Trust

The HomeFirst team aim to minimise hospital stay and get patients directly home from the RUH, Bath. The team won an NHS leadership award to develop their skills in managing change. Their dedication to this training was unfailing despite winter and operational pressures. Each is inspirational in their desire for and success in getting more patients home to be with their loved ones. They are now developing a trailblazing HomeFirst pathway for a further 600 patients with delirium.


Midlands and East - HECTOR (Heartlands Elderly Care, Trauma and Ongoing Recovery Project) at Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust in Birmingham

The Emergency Department (ED) team at Heartlands Hospital recognised that there was a need to develop a whole new approach to caring for elderly older people with traumatic injuries. HECTOR (Heartlands Elderly Care, Trauma and Ongoing Recovery Project) has developed a patient-centred approach towards trauma care that encompasses polypharmacy, frailty and co-morbidity affecting presentation and recovery. As a result, patients have a reduced length of stay, reduced complication rate and a higher likelihood of returning home after discharge.


London - Dr Gayle Hann - Consultant Paediatrician Lead for Emergency Care at North Middlesex University Hospital

As lead consultant and named doctor for child protection, Dr Gayle Hann is responsible for running London’s busiest paediatric emergency department in a severely deprived borough. Her nomination follows several innovations, which arm adolescents with practical resources to overcome gang violence, FGM and sexual exploitation. She consecutively won funding for a gangs youth work team and developed a mentorship scheme with Tottenham Hotspurs Football Club. Her work includes designing individualised backpacks that help children going into emergency foster care feel secure and valued. ​


The Excellence in Primary Care Award

North - Cumbria Health on Call at Penrith and Eden Community Hospital

CHoC provides in-and-out of hours primary care services to the predominantly rural population of Cumbria and were the first out-of-hours service in the country to be rated as ‘Outstanding’ by the CQC.  CHoC continually develop new and effective ways of providing care which have received national recognition, these include telehealth, hospital avoidance schemes and joint working with other providers.  All with the aim of ensuring that patients consistently receive the right response, from the right clinician, at the right time.


South - CLICK CHAMP at Church View Medical Centre in Somerset             

The CLICK Federation CHAMP (Community Healthcare Alliance of Multidisciplinary Professionals) services consist of a team of paramedics, pharmacists, exercise specialists, GPs, community agents and carers' champions all caring for our local community. This unique collaboration between 8 GP practices across South Somerset utilises the expertise of different professionals to improve patient access, deliver holistic care closer to home and reduce hospital admissions. The services bridge existing healthcare infrastructure and support patients transitioning between different providers.




Midlands and East - University of Nottingham Patient Safety Team

The team have helped to make the prescribing of medicines in primary care safer by developing effective ways for pharmacists to work with general practices to reduce prescribing errors and incorporation of the team’s ‘prescribing safety indicators’ into GP computer systems so that prescribing errors can be avoided. The team have also improved training on safe prescribing for GPs. The team was nominated because of their passion for patient safety, and their success in working with others to bring about improvements for patients.


London - Brian Dickens – Practice Manager at Parchmore Medical Centre

Brian’s development of the local based social prescribing programme in the Thornton Heath has had a huge impact on a number of individuals, GP practices, local providers and the community as a whole. His community development approach has engaged at all levels and has changed the health and well-being of numerous lives. The programme is built on a sustainable model of local capacity building and local input and he is proud to be part of such an effective community change programme. Brian feels that this recognition and award is for everyone involved he hopes it develops a model for all to follow. 


The Person-Centred Care Champion Award

North - Community Tissue Viability Services at Pennine Acute NHS Trust in Manchester

The Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust North Manchester Community Services Tissue Viability team deliver a service tailored around the needs of those who are homeless and hard to reach. Our drop-in wound care service provides care to our client group at the right time and in the right place. We have seen a reduction in secondary care attendance and have developed meaningful engagement with many members of this client group who often struggle to have their healthcare needs met.


South - Dr Shelagh O'Riordan - Consultant Community Geriatrician at Kent Community Health NHS Foundation Trust

Shelagh is a consultant geriatrician who has been instrumental in changing the model of care provided for frail patients in their homes, community hospitals and in care homes. She has embraced the model of community teams working in hubs to provide efficient and effective care which is patient centred with the minimum of duplicative visits for the patient. The leadership shown by Shelagh is inspirational to many and is spreading throughout the teams she works in, and with.


Midlands and East - Norfolk Just One Number Initiative at Cambridgeshire Community Services NHS Trust

Norfolk Just One Number is enabling thousands of families to access integrated, evidence based community health services from the right professional from their first contact. Clinical and administrative response times have improved and the introduction of text based messaging services are providing alternative channels for young people and parents to seek advice. Our innovative plans for digital and app based improvements will help us achieve our aspiration for every child in Norfolk to have the best start in life.


London - Temptations Mambiravana - Older Person's Assessment and Liaison (OPAL) Nurse Specialist at Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust     

Temptations (Tempie) Mambiravana was nominated for her instrumental role in introducing frailty screening for patients aged over 75.  Using a frailty score, she identifies frail older people in A&E and CDU that are able to go home or need to be admitted, by liaising with various teams and managing early specialist referrals.  Tempie is compassionate and inspiring. Always inclusive in her approach, she advocates for her patients, providing a listening ear when they are at their most vulnerable and fragile.


The Future NHS Award, sponsored by Health HR UK

North - Digital Liverpool Team at Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospitals NHS Trust

Digital Liverpool has enabled the team to save lives, improve patient outcomes and create a space to innovate. The staff have driven digital change and created a ‘digital first’ culture. They are passionate about delivering exceptional care and are incredibly proud of our achievements. Our ethos is to work collaboratively across Liverpool, with a focus on improving care for the population we serve. We were nominated for our significant achievements, passion and leadership in the development and adoption of world-class technology.​


South - TIHM (Technology Integrated Health Management) for Dementia Study Team at Surrey and Borders Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Technology Integrated Health Management for dementia is a pioneering study using artificial intelligence and internet enabled devices to remotely monitor the health and safety of people with dementia who live at home. Early evidence from the study shows the technology is successfully supporting early intervention to reduce hospital admissions and improving quality of life for both people with dementia and their carers who feel less isolated and better supported.


Midlands and East - Renal Telemedicine Team at East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust

The East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust’s renal telemedicine programme aims to make life easier for dialysis and transplant patients.  By training patients to do their dialysis at home, using secure links to carry out consultations remotely and engaging with patients to manage their own care, the team are putting patients in control of their long-term conditions.​


London - Professor Shafi Ahmed - Consultant General, Laparoscopic and Colorectal Surgeon at Barts Health NHS Trust

Dubbed 'the virtual surgeon', Professor Shafi Ahmed has pioneered the use of technology bringing surgery to millions who otherwise would not have access. His mission; to scale up and democratise education globally using the power of connectivity. Using Google Glass, Snapchat Spectacles and augmented and virtual reality is a game changer in ensuring people world-wide can be educated by leading surgeons. By proving the concept works, Professor Ahmed has taken a big step forward towards achieving this goal, also ensuring a strong future routinely training young surgeons as the first University in the world to have future technologies embedded into its curriculum.


The Healthier Communities Award

North - Healthier Fleetwood at Mount View Surgery, Fleetwood

Healthier Fleetwood is a truly resident-led partnership approach to improving the health and wellbeing of each and every resident of the town, parts of which are significantly disadvantaged. By enabling people to becoming the doers, rather than the done-to, we aim to bring hope to individuals by connecting them with their community, increasing self-confidence and to genuinely put residents in control of their health and their lives. 


South - Gary Deighton and The Community Engagement Team at Forest of Dean District Council

Gary Deighton and The Community Engagement Team at Forest of Dean District Council are proud to work in partnership with NHS services to improve local resident’s lives and reduce social isolation. The team offers advice and support on health and well-being, community safety, children and young people and older and vulnerable people. They work with individuals, organisations and community groups to utilise people's skills, experiences and passions, building on existing networks to bring communities together to find solutions to local needs.


Midlands and East - Alex Cotton and the 'It Takes Balls to Talk' Team at Coventry & Warwickshire Partnership NHS Trust

‘It Takes Balls to Talk’ is a campaign which uses sporting themes to encourage people, particularly men, to talk about how they feel.

The team engage with people at sports events to challenge the current situation that means men don’t do enough to seek help with their mental health. Suicide is the biggest cause of death in men under 45. Three quarters of people who have taken their own lives are male (Reference: ONS). Suicide continues to be three times more common in men than in women.


London - Islington GP Federation

Islington GP federation comprises a dedicated multi-professional team who are passionate about improving the health and well-being of their local population. In particular they are targeting vulnerable groups whose needs are not always met by existing services and people living with long term health conditions. They have achieved significant improvements in health outcomes through collaborative cross-sector working, and by testing and evaluating new approaches to delivering coordinated patient-centred care.  


The Care and Compassion Award

North - Emma Taylor - Nurse Practitioner for Older People at Wirral Community NHS Foundation Trust

Emma Taylor is a Nurse Practitioner for Older People for Wirral Community NHS Foundation Trust. Working with Merseyside Fire Service, North West Ambulance Service, Merseyside Police and voluntary sectors. She introduced a ‘forget me not’ sticker on the inside of the patient’s front door to improve dementia awareness and is currently reviewing dementia education and memory assessments within the Community Trust.​


South - Clock Tower Surgery in Exeter

Exeter’s Clock Tower GP surgery caters exclusively for the homeless and vulnerably housed. Despite often having significant issues, many homeless people find it hard to access mainstream health services. To this end, the Clock Tower has gone the extra mile to develop a service which is easily accessible, accommodating, and at pains to put those leading street-based lifestyles at the heart of care. Indeed, in its most recent report, the Care Quality Commission adjudged the Clock Tower ‘outstanding’.


Midlands and East - Butterfly Volunteers at East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust

The Butterfly volunteers at East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust support patients and their families in their last days of life at the Lister Hospital, Stevenage. They offer compassionate listening and companionship, particularly for those with few or no visitors; Their vision is that no one has to die alone. The service, funded by the Hospital Charity, innovatively engages local people in the care of dying patients, within an acute hospital setting, promoting the development of compassionate communities.​


London – ‘Treat Me Right!’ led by NHS North West London Clinical Commissioning Groups

NHS North West London CCGs (with Health Education England support) commissioned Certitude to deliver Treat Me Right!, a learning disability and autism awareness training-consultancy project. NHS staff are trained on how to make reasonable adjustments to their services and better interact with patients. Training is co-delivered by people with autism and/or learning disabilities. Feedback shows the programme has already improved staff understanding, thereby helping to avoid the escalation of patient distress and unnecessary hospital admissions – and potentially saving lives. ​


The Patient and Public Involvement Award

North - Victoria's Voice Youth Forum at Blackpool Teaching Hospitals Foundation NHS Trust

Victoria’s Voice are a group of young patients at Blackpool Hospital who work in partnership with staff to improve healthcare services. Through facilitation of training, involvement in staff recruitment, development of young person-friendly resources and other work they apply their own experiences to make a positive difference for others like them. The group were nominated in recognition of their ongoing involvement, making real changes to continuously improve healthcare for children and young people both locally and nationally.


South - Chris and Steve Beal at NHS Southampton City Clinical Commissioning Group

Chris and Steve have been supporting the CCG with their patient and public engagement agenda for a number of years. They played a crucial role in the reprocurement of a local minor injuries unit for a further 5 years and also work to encourage organisations to install hearing loops across the city. This includes twenty hearing loops in St Mary's football stadium, following a period of partnership with Southampton Football Club. Their work will have a lasting positive impact for people in Southampton.


Midlands and East - My WiSH Charity at West Suffolk Foundation Trust  

My WiSH Charity mobilises staff, local businesses and members of the community to support and enhance the quality care offered at West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust. The My WiSH team’s fundraising appeals have helped to buy countless pieces of equipment for areas across West Suffolk Hospital. Their work contributes to reducing surgical procedure times, waiting times, patient recovery time, and providing sensitive support for patients and their families. The charity also supports health and wellbeing initiatives for staff.


London - Dr Sian Job and the NHS Wandsworth Clinical Commissioning Group

Dr Sian Job, a GP in Battersea, London for over 30 years, has been leading the way in patient and public involvement for more than half that time. Sian has experienced general practice pressures first hand, and developed “Productive PPI” for staff and clinicians to engage with their patients in a way that has benefits for both practice and patients.

The CCG encourages practices to help patients to express their views about local services, gaining their insights enabling delivered improvements. Practice staff visit community groups, forging relationships and fostering common understanding. Meaningful PPI delivers for patients, communities, practices and commissioners.


The Lifetime Achievement Award

North - Dr Nayyar Naqvi - Consultant Cardiologist and Senior Responsible Officer at Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh NHS Foundation Trust

Dr Naqvi, OBE, joined Wigan Infirmary in 1979, worked single-handed for many years, established Greater Manchester’s North West Sector Centre for Cardiology at Wigan, giving employment to over 100 staff members; drastically reduced high incidence of coronary heart disease; dealt completely with rheumatic heart valve disease; introduced numerous innovative services; taught medical students, junior doctors and nurses; chaired many management committees both locally and regionally; established an endowment fund that has raised approximately £3 million for cardiology services in Wigan.​


South - Rose Bennett at Solent NHS Trust

Rose Bennett started working for the NHS in Portsmouth in 1971 and joined her Mother and Aunt who had already been working as Domestic Assistants for a number of years. Her two daughters have also worked for 29 years both in the NHS, one as a Chef and the other as a Business Manager.  Solent NHS Trust has been a major part of her family and they are proud to continue contributing in so many ways.​


Midlands and East - Professor Barbara Wilson OBE – Founder of the Oliver Zangwill Centre at Cambridgeshire Community Services NHS Trust

Known as ‘the grandmother of neuropsychological rehabilitation’, Barbara Wilson is esteemed for her care for patients, building bridges between practice and theory, and team work between psychologists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists and brain injured people. She is founder of the Oliver Zangwill Centre, founder and editor of an international journal Neuropsychological Rehabilitation, author of 26 books and several instruments for testing patients, including a memory test translated into sixteen languages. She is loved by students who appreciate her devotion and encouragement.


London - Dame Jacqueline Docherty – Chief Executive Officer at London North West University Healthcare NHS Trust

Dame Jacqueline has worked for the NHS for almost 50 years. Throughout her clinical nursing and management career, she has championed the twin causes of improving patient care and offering a better environment for NHS staff, such as becoming London Champion for the national ‘Improving Working Lives’ campaign and leading sector-wide improvement initiatives SRO for patient safety at Imperial College Health Partners. She took up her current role as CEO at London North West University Healthcare NHS Trust in 2015.