5th March 2019
' Nominations open '
26th April 2019
' Nominations close '
24th June 2019
' Shortlist announced '
10th July 2019
' Awards ceremony '


We would like to thank the following organisations for their support for the 2019 NHS Parliamentary Awards


For over 80 years, FUJIFILM has relied on innovation and leading-edge proprietary technologies to build a vast portfolio of products across a broad spectrum of industries from photography to biopharmaceuticals to medical diagnostics and devices. In med-tech, FUJIFILM is a pioneer in medical imaging, mammography, in vitro diagnostics and point-of-care testing, and are working to advance the application of artificial intelligence in healthcare IT. A key partner to the NHS and the private sector in the UK, FUJIFILM’s clinically proven products and technologies are constantly evolving to help healthcare professionals perform more effectively and efficiently. FUJIFILM never stop building on its history of innovation to make the world a better place.


Premier League

The Premier League produces some of the most competitive and compelling football in the world. Its success allows it to support and invest in the wider game, and in communities and schools, at a level that is unprecedented in professional sport.

As part of that, it supports professional football clubs across England and Wales to deliver innovative community programmes that tackle a range of social issues, including an increasing number focused on mental health. From improving people’s knowledge and skills needed to identify mental health problems, helping build resilience and develop coping strategies, to understanding ways to seek help, the Premier League is helping to tackle this important issue.



Pursuing Innovation… Enabling Affordable Access… Impacting Patients’ Lives

Biocon is an innovation-led organization driven by its passion to provide affordable access to high quality biopharmaceuticals for patients suffering from diabetes, cancer and chronic inflammatory conditions. We believe we are in a humanitarian business hence our quest is to develop drugs which have the potential to benefit a billion patients.


PVCMed Alliance

PVCMed Alliance is The European Council of Vinyl Manufacturers'​ value chain platform to raise awareness and promote informed decisions about the use of PVC in healthcare. 

PVCMed Alliance represents all parts of the PVC medical industry chain, namely resin & plasticiser producers and PVC converters. The Alliance was established in 2012.

The vision that informs PVCMed Alliance’s work is of a healthcare environment that best benefits patients and healthcare professionals. Such an environment offers the finest PVC-based products and applications with the required properties and excellence needed to provide top quality health care while being environmentally sustainable.